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British Crown Green Bowling Association



BCG Ladies 2015 Individual Merit


sponsored by



Cassons Coaches

Aim in the right direction



To be played at


Haunchwood Sports & Social Club

Valley Road, Galley Common, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 9NH

Tel: 02476 392324




Saturday 11th July 2015

commencing at 10.00am




The Draw is as follows:


1.Angela Gaut  (Shropshire) v   2.Linda Wheeldon  (South Derbyshire)

3.Dawn McDougall  (Wales)  v  4.Samantha Murray  (South Staffs)

5.Christine Davies  (North Warwickshire)  v   6.Carole Hudson  (Warwick & Worcs)

7.Paula Healey  (North Shropshire)  v  8.Chloe Hirst  (Yorkshire)

9.Julie Best   (Yorkshire)  v  10.Kerry Brown  (South Yorkshire)

11.Sarah Fletcher  (Dudley & District)  v   12.Ros Taylor  (North Midlands)

13.Dorothy Hodgson   (Cumbria)   v  14.Wendy Jackson  (Burton & District)

15.Maliza Herbert   (Warwick & Worcs)  v  16.Margaret Shore   (Greater Manchester)

17.Wendy Allen   (Mid Cheshire)   v  18.Nichole Farrar  (Yorkshire)

19.Sophie Rigney   (Greater Manchester)  v  20.Emma Broad   (North Shropshire)

21.Wendy Smart  (North Warwickshire)  v  22.Jan Pratley  (Warwick & Worcs)

23.Jane Bowler   (Wales)   v  24.Emma Thornton   (Cumbria)

25.Sarah Fox   (South Yorkshire)  v   26.Mandy Basterfield   (Dudley & District)

27.Jennie Adams   (North Midlands)  v   28 .Barbara Lowe  (Burton & District)

29.Sheila Jones   (Staffordshire)  v   30.Jean Barnes  (Wirral)

31.Helen Martin  (Isle of Man)   v   32.Debbie Davis  (Yorkshire)

33.Kelly Round   (Warwick & Worcs)  v   34.Maggie Barnes   (North Midlands)

35.Janet Needham   (South Derbyshire)  v   36.Joan Lewis  (Staffordshire)

37.Alicia Ormsby   (Yorkshire)  v   38.Mandy Pagett    (Dudley & District)

39.Jane Jones   (Wales)  v  40.Holly Bishton   (Shropshire)

41.Janelle Pertoldi   (Greater Manchester)  v  42.Veronica Henson  (North Warwickshire)

43.Karen Gant   (Yorkshire)   v    44.Caroline Bushell    (Cumbria)

45.Katrina Earl   (South Yorkshire)   v   46.Lynsey Gorman  (Wirral)

47.Vi Limbert  (South Staffs)   v   48.Kirsty Darling   (Warwick & Worcs)

49.Faye Montgomery  (Warwick & Worcs)  v  50.Debora Sturman   (Yorkshire)

51.Sarah Weaver   (North Shropshire)  v  52.Iris Smith   (Burton & District)

53.Nicola Boulton   (Mid Cheshire)  v   54.Sarah Hey   (Wales)

55.Julie Alderman  (South Staffs)  v   56.Alyson Evans   (North Warwickshire)

57.Shannan Kernick  (Warwick & Worcs)  v   58.Janet Monk   (Isle of Man)

59.Anna Wilson    (South Yorkshire)  v   60.Louise Cotton   (Shropshire)

61.Leanne Burgess   (Staffordshire)  v    62.Lin Baghurst    (South Derbyshire)

63.Carol Verdon  (North Midlands)   v   64.Glynis Lomax   (Wirral)



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