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British Crown Green Bowling Association



BCGBA Coaching Scheme


Coaching is an integral part of the sport ans since 1994, many new bowlers have been introduced to the game with the assistance of the British Crown Green Coaching Scheme (BCGCS).


The BCGCS exists to facilitate the introduction of new bowlers into the sport and to help more experienced bowlers improve their game.  Coaching is available for individuals or for groups of any age or experience.  Sessions are arranged for schools and community groups, people with disabilities and those recovering from serious illness.  There is also an extensive programme of coaching for juniors, with pathways through to junior County teams.


Facilities are available for full day coaching sessions at individual Clubs.  Video recordings of their delivery action are played back to participants and qualified coaches give remedial advice where necessary.  The fee for these day Coaching Seminars is currently £10.00 per person. 



Coaching AGM 2015


This will take place on Saturday 14 November 2015 at:


Winnington Park Recreation Club

Park Road




commencing at 10.00am




Should you wish to know more about coaching in general, or how to become a trained coach, please contact the BCGBA National Coaching Administrator:


Alan Tizard 
16 Mill Fields
S26  1JS

Telephone: 01909 771438


 E-mail :



Qualified Crown Green Bowls Coaches


The BCGCS offers the necessary training and assessment for anyone wishing to become a qualified Coach, initially through Levels 1 and 2.


Level 1 a Foundation Level which is an introductory phase, at which experience can be gained by working with adult beginners or assisting a higher level coach working with children or vulnerable adults.


Level 2 a Club Coach, is qualified to work with adult and junior 'club bowlers' helping them to develop their game through personal practices.  A Club Coach will also train and monitor the development of those people working at Foundation Level.


Level 3 a Senior Coach is qualified to work as part of a County or Regional Squad.  He/she will have the knowledge and skills required to work with experienced bowlers and be able to carry out video analysis of a bowler's delivery action.  The training and mentoring of Level 1 and 2 Coaches is also part of the Senior Coach's role.


To be successfully assessed as a Level 3 Coach would require attendance at a training course after a minimum of 2 years as a Club Coach (Level 2) and then to be able to demonstrate the experience and competence required at the Senior Coach level.