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British Crown Green Bowling Association


Laws and Rules

Bye-Laws of the Association

  • These Bye Laws cover the various aspects of running the Association, such as the composition of Committees, the format of meetings, the Players Registration scheme, Subscriptions and Finance, the Promotion of Contests, Protests and Appeals, Drug Testing, and Players Dress Code.

BCGBA Laws of the Game

  • How a game of Crown Green Bowls should be played, where on the green the game should be started, how bowls should be delivered, scoring, penalties that can be incurred, and even what to do in the event of bad light.

BCGBA Rules Revision

  • This meeting is held on the third Saturday in January each yearNotices of Motion proposing changes to the Bye Laws, Competition Rules or Laws of the Game are discussed and voted on accordingly.




UK Anti-Doping