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British Crown Green Bowling Association


 The British Crown Green Bowling Association

are closing this website and will launch their new website

at  10.00am

on Sunday 20 March 2016

For further information please see the Press Release below:


British Crown Green Bowling Association


The British Crown Green Bowling Association’s new website will go live on Sunday 20 March at 10.00am and can be viewed at

Whilst it is still work in progress, the new website is much easier to navigate and will include a lot more information for the benefit of clubs and bowlers alike.

There are now just 6 main navigation links which will direct you to the information you require.

EVENTS has a list of all BCGBA competitions and it is hoped to be able to bring live scores from each event starting with the Pitchcare World Club Championship which gets underway today.  In the Flowfit Champion of Champions it is intended to show the results from all of the final days of the competitions on the main and reserve list.  There is also a Ranking Table for which the overall winner will receive an award.

OPEN CONTESTS show a list of all final day and one-day competitions in the Arthur Land Diary.   This page will be updated with the result of each final once known

will have access to Referees, Membership, Find a Club, Background and TV which will show recordings of our competitions.

RESOURCES includes Coaching, Safeguarding, Grants, Greens and Clubs.

ABOUT US gives a list of the BCGBA Officials and County Secretaries.  The Newsletter will also be available to be viewed or downloaded from this page.

CONTACT US will send your email to a central address which will then be forwarded to the relevant Officer or County Secretary.

The website is by no means the finished article and it will be updated as the season progresses.

We hope you enjoy visiting our new website and include it among your 'favourites'.

Media Sub-Committee
Pat Crowther, Mel Evans MBE, Jodie Faulkner, Brian Hampson, Adam Douglas.